Company Name:Jinjiang City Kam Lok Electronics Ltd.  Contact:Mr.Zhang  Tel:0595-85396090  Fax:0595-85936380  E-mail:416666520@qq.com  Address:14 District 8 Anhai Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province Anping Zone

Jinjiang City Kam Lok Electronics Ltd.,located in China's brands - Fujian Jinjiang, is a research, design, production, sales as one of the manufacturers, the company mainly produces Kaili De Kerid digital piano, Kaili De Kerid flower business. Products sold throughout the country and exported to Europe, Japan, Korea, Asia, Southeast Asia,dozens of countries and regions.

      In the process of development, and constantly communicate with a number of domestic research institutions, and the full introduction of foreign advancedtechnology, equipment, quality first advantage is rapidly increasing, expanding.

      We follow the "quality and development of high-quality, brand-building for the development goals," the business purpose, commitment to Kaili De digital piano into a digital piano at home and abroad well-known brands, welcome home and abroad to visit us create brilliant!        

     晋江市锦乐电子产品有限公司,地处中国品牌之都-福建、晋江,是一家集科研、设计、生产、销售为一体的生产厂家,公司  主要生产凯丽德Kerid数码钢琴、凯丽德Kerid电子琴企业。产品畅销全国各地及出口欧美,日本、韩国、亚洲、东南亚等几十多个国家和地区。       公司在发展的过程中,不断与国内多个科研机构交流合作,和充分引进吸收国外先进技术、设备齐全的优势迅速提高,规模不断扩大。


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